Practice English when, where and as much as you want
Tokport is a virtual language buddy in your messenger app
Trips abroad are rare, and schedules of online classes are inconvenient?
Don't have regular English practice?
Forgetting English without practice?
Tokport is a virtual language buddy that is always close by and lives in Telegram messenger app:
Tokport has got you covered!
Whenever you want
Wherever you want
How much you want
Forget about fitting English classes, be it online or offline, into your schedule. Practice English whenever it's convenient for you. All you need is your smartphone or a desktop and 15 free minutes.
Practice English from home, in a traffic jam, during a break at work — virtually anywhere. If you are able to call or send a voice message, you can practice English with Tokport.
Practice English as much as you want. There are no human tutors in Tokport. Robots are not going to get tired and they can work without breaks (sorry, robots).
How Tokport works
Launch Tokport in Telegram messenger app. Both mobile and desktop apps are available.
Start practicing whenever you wish. Listen to voice messages recorded by native English speakers, reply with voice messages and receive a created dialogue.
Tokport is a robot
Using a robot to help you practice English has lots of perks:
No obligations
Robots don't ask unwanted questions. If you need to pause or cancel your practice, feel free to do this anytime. No need to explain anything to anybody.
Robots don't need much money
Tokport is cheaper than virtually all other ways to practice English - you don't need to travel anywhere or to pay for human labor.
Easy to fit into your busy life
You manage practice sessions on your own. You can pause them and resume whenever you want.
Robots don't get tired of listening
You can focus on conversation and speak as much as you want. No homework needed.
You will benefit from Tokport if...
You don't get enough English practice.
You speak English at least a little, and you need to improve communication skills.
Sometimes you feel anxious while traveling where English is spoken.
You feel that you are forgetting the English you do know.
You want to find a job in an international company.
You are getting ready to move to an English-speaking country.
You are preparing for IELTS/TOEFL.
You want to enroll in a foreign university.
Improve and maintain your English language skill level.
Enhance pronunciation and grammar, as well as increase vocabulary.
Talk fluently with native speakers and foreigners in different situations
Get ready for a job interview, exam, vacation or a business trip.
Practice with Tokport regularly to...
No need to be shy
We know it can be hard to start practicing English with strangers online. Well, no wonder, you are seeing them for the first time!
No need to be shy with Tokport. Your language buddy is virtual, and you talk to him in a messenger app.
Track your progress
Tokport will combine your language buddy's spoken dialogue with your voice responses into one audio file and send it to you
Listen back to your recorded dialogue for added practice.
Benefit from being able to hear to how you speak — very useful but virtually impossible with other practice methods.
Have fun tracking your progress and watch how your language skills improve.
Real-life conversations
Forget about far-fetched dialogues from textbooks.
Tokport puts you in real-life conversational situations and provides you with vocabulary relevant in 2023, which you can't know unless you live in an English-speaking country.
— Unlimited interactive listening and speaking practice
Per month
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